Find Someone by Social Security Number

How to run a background check by SSN

Did you know? The easiest and most accurate way to conduct a background check is by Social Security Number (SSN).

Are you looking to connect with a long lost family member or friend? Or may you want to conduct a criminal background check on your new tenant? Whatever the case be if you have got the person’s SSN, you can find a whole lot of information about him/her. As you would already know, SSN is a 9-digit number assigned by the Social Security Administration to each working individual. The SSN is primarily helpful in tracking the contributions for social security and Medicare.

As the SSN is so deeply connected to a person’s identity, it can help uncover comprehensive information about the individual. From the property, marriage to criminal records, all are linked to the SSN.

What information can I find using the SSN?

A general SSN lookup can help you find the current address and the past address where the person was residing, date of birth, marital status, parent/sibling name, work history, and the phone number. Well, this may not look a lot right? Well, this info is a good starting point for further research. At WSCPA, we take this data and dig further to find property records, criminal records, marriage records, lawsuits, loan information, and more.

We search through the public records database, to find any reference of the person and assimilate all the information one singular report. We also take into account the alias name and the marriage name to filter out any discrepancy in the report. Rest assured, as long as you provide us with a valid SSN, we’ll get you the report (No questions asked!)

Can I also find Criminal Records of the person?

Absolutely. The background search is conducted nation-wide across all the county, state, and federal prison database. Additionally, we also sift through all the court records, DUI records, and business entity records to fetch the information. So no matter, if the person is using an alias, or does the crime in a different state than where he is currently residing, we can still find information about him/her.

Not sure about the SSN? Well, no worries!

If you don’t have the SSN or you’re not entirely sure of the exact digits, you can still search. You can search through our records simply by entering the person’s name but that may give you thousands of records. But then we’ve certain filters which can help you narrow down the search results. You can filter using age, sex, and last known location. Once you have pinpointed the person, you can order the complete background search report.

Is SSN Search Legal?

Yes and No! To conduct the search by SSN you need to follow certain protocol and take permission from the local county office. As a result, SSN based search is mostly used, lawyers and private investigator. And also searching by SSN is not anonymous as you would need to give out your personal details to the county officials along with the reason for ordering the search. Which am pretty sure you would not want. Right?

So normal people cannot order a background search? Yes, you can. But you would need to use public records search. And the best part is, its completely anonymous and more comprehensive. So as a part of transparent governance, most of the government departments voluntarily publish the information they hold online. This includes inmate records, court records, marriage records, property records etc. So what we do is search through these records, and try to find any reference or link to the person being search. Based on the information we find, we research and make a final report for you. The result is better than conducting a search by SSN and it’s also substantially cheaper.


So here you have it. Searching by SSN may look like the most logical way to search but its quite challenging. However, when you order a background search report from us, we go the extra mile to find every bit of information which other providers usually miss on. So what’re you waiting for, order the comprehensive background search report today.