West State Crime Prevention Association (WSCPA)

Our Initiatives

The goal of West State Crime Prevention Association is to spread awareness about crime happening in the neighborhood and work with local government to prevent it. We intend to engage the community to work together to fight the menace.

The root cause of crime starts with the neighbourhood environment, jobs availability and education. On this blog we’ll be sharing various statistics on crime and how does it get impacted with various factors.

As per the Bureau of Justice Statistics in 2016:

  1. Total population under correctional supervision: 6,613,500
  2. For every 100,000 people of all age groups, 2,040 were under correctional supervision
  3. For every 100,00 adults (above 18 years), 2,640 were under correctional supervision

Correctional Supervision includes prisoners, inmates, parolees, and probationers.

As per nationamaster, USA has the highest number of crime rate in the world. We intend to play atleast a small part to help prevent the crime rate by engaging in conducive and positive community development.

Last updated: 28/02/2018